Your Day In Health: Two Major Chains Are Merging Together

EATER: Burger King Buys Popeyes for $1.8 Billion in Fast-Food Mega-Merger

"The fast-food universe gave birth to a deep-fried, flame-broiled lovechild today: After weeks of swirling rumors, Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International announced this morning that it’s acquiring Popeyes for $1.8 billion. RBI also owns beloved Canadian-born coffee chain Tim Hortons."
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CNN: New study suggests strategies for keeping off pounds

"Most people seem to struggle with long-term weight loss. By some estimates, only about 20% of overweight individuals are successful in keeping off at least 10% of their initial body weight for a year or longer. A new study, however, suggests that using specific strategies—such as weighing yourself regularly and planning for situations in which you might backslide—could modestly slow the rate of weight regain in obese adults who have lost weight. In the study, employing such strategies in a maintenance program increased the proportion of adults who stayed at or lowered their weight, after initial weight loss, by 13.9 percentage points" Read full story.

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CSPI: Revised & Updated Labels Coming to Naked Juice

"Naked will make several modifications to the labeling and marketing of its current line-up of pure fruit, veggie, protein and boosted juices and smoothies aimed at giving consumers a clearer understanding of what is in the products, according to an agreement announced today by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The agreement ends litigation." Read full story.

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