Your Day in Health: September 26

Yahoo: Blue Bell Voluntarily Recalls Select Ice Cream Products Over Listeria Concerns

"Forget burritos and burgers — today, vegetables are the hottest trend in the fast-food industry. Vegetables are exploding on the menus of fast-food and fast-casual chains, from greasy omnivore favorites like Taco Bell to new vegan concepts like By Chloe." Read full story.

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CNN: Could another person's feces help you lose weight?

"The diversity of the bacteria living in your feces is linked to how much fat you have in your body, according to a new study. The insight could pave the way for fecal transplants of bacteria to help people manage their weight, reduce their risk of certain metabolic diseases or, more simply, encourage them to broaden the bacteria found in their gut -- and therefore their poop -- by eating a healthier, more varied diet." Read full story.

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Delish: Ham at Costco and Sam's Club Recalled For Containing Rubber

"When you sit down for dinner and can't chew through a piece of your roast, then you know something's just not right. When one customer who took home a pre-cooked ham from a warehouse club store had this experience recently∏, both Costco and Sam's Club issued an immediate recall." Read full story.

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