How One Man Ate at 40+ McDonald's in 17 Hours

By Becca DiCenso

One man, 17 hours, 46 meals, and one fast food chain.

Ever wake up hungry enough to eat a horse? Well, James Ware proclaimed just that in the intro of his 7-minute video recording of himself in which he spends the entire day wandering the streets of London to visit all 46 McDonald’s the city has to offer. (If you think 46 McDonald’s in one city sounds like a lot, keep in mind there are a whopping 767 locations in New York City.)

Ware’s stunt wasn’t just to visit every Mickey D’s in London, but to also order a new item at each one. From carb-heavy pancakes to high sugar shakes to not-so-happy meals, he accomplished eating at all 46 McDonald’s restaurants—taking the idea of super sized to a whole new level.

But how could someone physically endure 46 fast food meals in one day? Well, it looks anything but easy; Ware documented everything that went down during the marathon of eating. At one point, he points out that he’s coming down with the “McShakes” and turns as red as the McDonald’s logo.

Although there actually are a few items on the Golden Arches menu that are better than others (which you can find in our exclusive report ofEvery Menu Item at McDonald’s— Ranked), it’s no secret that this strictly-McDonald’s diet isn’t exactly recommended. It won’t take much to exceed daily nutritional recommendations due to the sodium, fat, and calorie overloads that are in many of their items. This is especially true if it's all you're eating, 46 times in 17 hours.

For Ware, it was a half-drunken challenge he’d come up with to mimic the popular challenge amongst Londoners: To visit every station of the Tube (subway) in the city. While this was just for fun, he did admit that his ‘McHangover’ the next day was brutal. We couldn’t help but wonder if he just needed a little hair of the dog and some McDonald’s Breakfast.


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