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The #1 Best High Protein Snack, Says Dietitian

The nutritional benefits of this snack are nearly endless.

Snacking between meals doesn't mean you're fostering an unhealthy habit. Everyone's routine and body are different, and if you find that you need a little something to hold you over before your next meal (and prevent overeating), you shouldn't stop yourself from eating a little snack. The challenge comes with choosing the foods that will be the most nutritious and beneficial.

Finding a snack that is packed with protein can keep you feeling satiated, fill nutritional gaps, and can even help with weight loss. So, we consulted with Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CEO of NY Nutrition Group, author of The Core 3 Healthy Eating Plan and member of our medical expert board to find out which high protein snacks she recommends. And for more check out these 35 Best Store-Bought High-Protein Snacks.

According to Moskovitz, it's not simply about the protein when searching for the ideal healthy snack. It's also important to consider the other nutritional benefits the snack can provide.

"Look for a protein-rich snack that also contains a healthy combo of fiber-rich carbs and anti-inflammatory fats," says Moskovitz.

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Her favorite option? Moskovitz recommends "a balanced water or milk-based smoothie that includes a green veggie such as spinach or zucchini, antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries, an anti-inflammatory fat such as avocado or almond butter, and a protein-rich food source to round it out such as Greek yogurt, tofu or even chickpeas."

Even though you probably have never considered eating spinach and Greek yogurt together in their regular forms, once blended together you won't believe how well all these nutritious foods complement one another.

If you don't have all these ingredients on hand, though, adding a scoop of protein powder instead for "a more convenient, quick protein source" is another great option, according to Moskovitz.

"Not only is it delicious, but this protein-packed, portable and drinkable snack will also stave off distracting hunger and check off plenty of daily nutrition goal boxes," she says.

This option can be whipped together in minutes and carry it with you for a filling high protein snack on the go!

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