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Your Day in Health: What Chick-fil-A Employees Don’t Want You to Order

What you should NEVER order from Chick-Fil-a, according to an employee...
Your Day in Health: What Chick-fil-A Employees Don’t Want You to Order


"There are a few orders that customers give that seriously piss off people who work at the chicken chain. Here are some of the highlights: Asking to handpick fruit for your fruit bowl, asking for an obscene amount of sauces, ordering your sandwich with no butter, no salt, no pickle, and well-done on a multi-grain bun." Read full story.

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"High-intensity interval training (HIT) is more enjoyable than moderate exercise, a team of kinesiologists has found. It’s the first study to examine changes in enjoyment for HIT workouts versus moderate continuous training, over the first six weeks of an exercise program." Read full story.

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"Chopping, cooking and throwing parties can make the holidays a stressful time of year. When times get stressful, many of us find solace in traditional "comfort foods," from savory macaroni and cheese to a big bowl of ice cream. Though research suggests that certain foods can help reduce stress, it's actually not the high-fat and high-sugar comfort foods that do the trick. Rather, it's superfoods." Read full story.

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