Fact or Fiction?: McDonald's Plans to Serve Quesadillas and Pizza

mcdonalds meal

By Dana Leigh Smith

You wouldn’t go to Chipotle for a burger, would you? Or Papa John’s for a quesadilla? Didn’t think so.

But McDonald's—a fast-food chain known for constantly reinventing itself—plans to expand its offerings beyond the American classics that put them on the map to include Italian and Tex-Mex fare. And, oddly enough, the decision to do so comes after Mickey D’s announced plans to scale down its menu earlier this year.

But don’t run to your local chain for a slice of pepperoni quite yet. The menu additions won’t be available until February 2016, and they’re only slated to make an appearance at one location on I-Drive in Orlando, Florida. The 19,000-square-foot restaurant, which is in the midst of a major renovation to include a PlayPlace and giant arcade, will serve up not only their classic menu items, but also chicken quesadillas, pasta and pizza from a wood-burning oven.

It’s hard to speculate how the new grub will taste or stack up in terms of nutrition, but the Eat This, Not That! team will bring you updated reports as we learn more in the coming months.

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