Eat This!

Your Day in Health: November 1

Eggcellent news! A new study links eggs to lower risk of stroke...

Eat This!

Your Day in Health: November 1

Eggcellent news! A new study links eggs to lower risk of stroke...

MEDICAL DAILY: Eating An Egg A Day Linked To 12 Percent Drop In Stroke Risk

"Once attacked as a leading culprit of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, more recent science has found little strong evidence for these claims. Now, a new review published Tuesday in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition suggests that eggs may even help lower our risk of stroke." Read full story.

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NY TIMES: Facebook Could Be Associated With a Longer Life, Study Finds

"As our social lives have moved onto social media sites like Facebook over the past decade, there’s been a lot of hand-wringing over what all that screen time might be doing to our health. But according to a new paper, time spent on social media could be associated with a longer life. The paper, published in the journal PNAS on Monday, asserts that the health effects of active online social lives largely mirror the benefits of busy offline social lives." Read full story.

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WELL+GOOD: The Scientific Reason Why You Might Want To Become A Morning Person

"According to new study, your decision-making skills become sloppier and less accurate toward the end of the day—regardless of whether you consider yourself a morning or night person, the Association for Psychological Science reports in its Minds for Business blog." Read full story.

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STAT: Raising "Good" Cholesterol Doesn’t Protect Against Heart Disease After All, Study Finds

"'Good' cholesterol might be in for a name change. Raising HDL, widely known as good cholesterol, for years has been thought to protect against heart attack and stroke. But a big new study published Monday found little evidence it does." Read full story.

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