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The #1 Best Low Calorie Snack, Says Dietitian

Avoid the snack aisle completely for this low-calorie option.

The snack aisle at the grocery store is full of endless options. Everything from chips and pretzels to cookies and candy are available to you, which can feel overwhelming if you're trying to make a health-conscious choice. So what if we told you that the best low-calorie snack option can't even be found with other traditional snacks, and you don't have to walk down that aisle at all?

That's right, you can avoid this aisle completely and still stock up on healthy snacks to hold you over throughout the day. According to Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CEO of NY Nutrition Group, author of The Core 3 Healthy Eating Plan, and member of our medical expert board, the best low-calorie snack you can get for your body is typically found in the produce section

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"Fresh fruit and vegetables offer tons of volume, crunch, and key nutrients for a minimal calorie price tag," says Moskovitz.

Moskovitz recommends slicing up some veggies like cucumbers, carrots, and red pepper, and dipping them into a protein-rich spread such as hummus, spreadable cheese, or Greek yogurt with seasonings for under 100 calories. Pre-slicing the veggies and keeping them in your fridge is another easy hack for having these healthy low-calorie snacks always on hand.

If you're not looking for something savory, and instead in the mood for a sweeter bite, Moskovitz recommends "a sliced apple layered with a 1/4 cup ricotta cheese and cinnamon", which is a filling treat under 200 calories. So no matter which low-calorie snack option you choose to go for, you're avoiding the snack aisle and instead of stocking up on healthy produce.

Before counting calories, keep this in mind.

"While not everyone needs to, or should, pay too much attention to calories, it might be helpful to have a general understanding of how many calories you need and what is in the food you're consuming," says Moskovitz. "Undereating calories can lead to nutritional deficiencies and health issues. Overeating calories, usually caused by mindless or stress-eating, can lead to health issues as well as excessive weight gain over time."

It's important to note, though, that without a sufficient amount of calories throughout the day, you may not feel satiated for very long, so make sure you're consuming enough calories to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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