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Say Goodbye To Nearly Half Of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Menu

Is Dunkin’ Donuts planning to nix your go-to ring-shaped treat?
Say Goodbye To Nearly Half Of Dunkin’ Donuts’ Menu

Whether you often crave a Boston Kreme Donut or swoon over the seasonal spiced Pumpkin ring, it’s possible that a few of your favorite coffee pairings may be slashed off the menu. In a recent Nation’s Restaurant News report, Dunkin’ Donuts announced plans to cut its doughnut offerings from 30 flavors to just 18 in order to get its “doughnut mojo back.”

After testing out the slimmed-down menus in various locations, the brand seems like it’s on its way to regaining its doughnut prowess. “We’ve shrunk the amount of doughnut variety and we’re seeing a lift in those markets instantly,” David Hoffmann, DD’s president of U.S. and Canada locations, told NRN, but failed to mention exactly which treats are being nixed.

The coffee chain announced plans to pare down menus at 1,000 locations nationwide by the end of October, shortly after dropping these popular picks. Meanwhile, DD is also hoping to offer more boutique shop-like artisanal flavors in the future. “Maple with bacon bits is a big one,” Hoffmann revealed. “How do you do that and do it at half the price? That’s where I think our sweet spot is.”

By simplifying menus and invigorating them with fresh innovations, the fast food franchise hopes to boost employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. Until your local joint gets a makeover, be sure to check out our exclusive report, Best & Worst Donut at Dunkin’ Donuts, before you order a sweet treat.

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