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Can Shopping at Safeway Really Help You Save Money on Groceries?

We already showed you how much cash you’d save shopping at Trader Joe’s instead of Whole Foods, and now we’re back with more money-saving intel about your favorite grocery stores.
Can Shopping at Safeway Really Help You Save Money on Groceries?

This time, we’re weighing the benefits of shopping at Safeway instead of Whole Foods with the help of San Francisco Chronicle writer, Amy Graff. While the former is known as a place to score deals on pantry staples, the latter is known for robbing you of your entire paycheck. But is that really the case? To find out, Graff went to both markets and compared the prices of 29 kitchen staples such as organic milk and eggs, extra virgin olive oil, fruit, yogurt, sprouted grain bread, tea and beans — and her results were downright shocking.

When considering the overall cost of a bag of groceries, she found the supermarket chains to be comparably priced. Yes, you read that correctly! In fact, nearly a third of the grocery products she compared cost the same at both stores. Though Graff notes that “the trends in pricing differences were erratic,” as a general rule, she found that organic house brand items were generally less expensive at Whole Foods and non-house-brand items to be better priced at Safeway. When she added up all of her purchases, her total from Whole Foods was $125.32 and Safeway came up at $127.98 — that's a difference of only $2.66. Pretty surprising, right?

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