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Your Day in Health: April 15

Target now has a beer cave...
Your Day in Health: April 15

The Street: Target Now Has a Beer Cave

"Shopping for a brew at Target continues to get a little bit more exciting. Case in point is a Target store in Denver, which was one of the first in the retailer's network of more than 1,790 stores to sell alcohol. " Read full story.

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DELISH: Starbucks Is Bribing Rewards Members With Automatic Gold Status

"To encourage customers to get on board with the rewards program (and hold on to existing members who might feel miffed by the new structure), the chain is promoting an 'Automatic Gold' offer, which gives members coveted Gold status for a year with any in-store purchase from April 12 through May 2." Read full story.

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Refinery29: The One Place Where Thin Mints Aren't The Top Girl Scout Cookie

"What is interesting, however, is the one region where the chocolate-mint flavor isn't the single most popular cookie. As the map above shows, while the Northwest, the Midwest, and the Northeast all chow down on the classic favorite, the Southeast is busy ordering its weight in Caramel deLites. (Caramel deLites are also known as Samoas)." Read full story.

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