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Your Day in Health: Frozen Food Linked to Hepatitis A

Which popular protein was just recalled? Don't miss the latest in today's top health news.
Your Day in Health: Frozen Food Linked to Hepatitis A

BBC: An Egg a Day Appears to Help Young Children Grow Taller

“An egg a day might help undernourished young children grow to a healthy height, according to a six-month study in Ecuador. Whether soft or hard-boiled, fried or whisked into an omelette, eggs appeared to give infants a boost.It could be a cheap way to prevent stunting, say researchers in the journal Pediatrics.” Read full story.

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SCIENCE DAILY: Stem Cells May Be the Key to Staying Strong in Old Age

“University of Rochester Medical Center researchers have discovered that loss of muscle stem cells is the main driving force behind muscle decline in old age in mice. Their finding challenges the current prevailing theory that age-related muscle decline is primarily caused by loss of motor neurons. Study authors hope to develop a drug or therapy that can slow muscle stem cell loss and muscle decline in the future.” Read full story.

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CNN: Frozen Tuna Recalled Due to Hepatitis A Contamination

“Frozen yellowfin tuna is being recalled due to hepatitis A contamination, and the US Food and Drug Administration is investigating. Restaurants in Texas, Oklahoma and California received shipments of potentially contaminated tuna, and have been notified, according to the FDA. Shipments were sent to distributors in New York as well, but the New York State Health Department verified it hadn’t been sold to the public there yet, the announcement said.” Read full story.

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