Your Day in Health: February 15

BUSINESS INSIDER: Wendy's is making a $30 million menu change after complaints of 'rubbery' meat

"Wendy's is spending $30 million to shrink the size of the chickens used to make the fillets in its sandwiches and salads in response to customer complaints about the rubbery texture of its chicken products." Read full story.

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FORTUNE: Hackers Stole Credit Card Information From Thousands of Arby’s Customers

"Hackers have stolen customer credit card information from an unknown number of Arby’s restaurants, according to a report on Thursday. The fast food chain discovered in mid-January that it suffered a data breach that [...] affected some of Arby’s roughly 1,000 corporate restaurants, and none of its franchise restaurants operated by third parties, the report said. Over 350,000 credit and debit card accounts may have been impacted by the hack, according to the credit union service PSCU." Read full story.

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NEW YORK TIMES: How to Get Ketchup From a Bottle Without the Wait, Watery Goo and Splatter

"What is the most effective way to get ketchup from a glass bottle? Thanks to an Australian researcher, Anthony Stickland, there are good answers to that last question. Dr. Stickland, a senior lecturer at the department of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Melbourne in Australia, has come up with step-by-step instructions that should help your ketchup go with the flow." Read full story.

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