Your Day in Health: People This Age Shouldn't Eat Yogurt

WEB MD: Coffee Cravings May Spring From Your DNA

"Anybody up for a steaming cup of Joe? Turns out your DNA may hold the answer. New research suggests that your genes influence how much coffee you drink." Read full story.

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Quartz: New health guidelines: no cake, ice cream, or added sugar for your toddler—period

"The American Heart Association has some soul-crushing news for American kids. This week the organization announced that kids should consume no more than six teaspoons (roughly 100 calories) of added sugar a day, which is less than one-third of the sugar children consume now. For some perspective, six teaspoons roughly amounts to a serving of flavored yogurt or a handful of caramel popcorn." Read full story.

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Smithsonian: Food Tasting Too Healthy? Just Add Scent

"For dieters and health-conscious foodies, the field of odor-induced taste enhancement seems to hold tantalizing promise. But it isn't quite as simple as it looks. Picking odors that enhance sweetness might seem easy, but the odor also has to be a good fit with the dish." Read full story.

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