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25 Delicious Christmas Eve Dinners So Easy They'll Cook Themselves

Streamline your holiday menu with these simple and scrumptious recipes.

Aside from unwrapping your presents and watching your loved ones rip theirs apart with delight, the next best thing to Christmas is Christmas Eve dinner. Because your whole family is coming into town, you already know you want to impress them with an impressive spread, but you've probably already exhausted the recipes in all of your cookbooks and just don't have the time to scour Pinterest for Christmas dinner ideas. We get it: You need easy and delicious meals that you can whip up fast so you can spend more time with your family than in the kitchen.

To help you streamline your holiday menu, we've gathered our 25 favorite Christmas Eve dinner recipes that we think will be a hit come this holiday season. There are casseroles that make it easy to make a crowd-sized side quickly, hearty main course stunners that go way beyond your traditional turkey or ham, and indulgent ways to enjoy vegetables. And yes, they're all so easy, they'll practically cook themselves into a scrumptious spread. Try these easy Christmas Eve dinner recipes for a merry—rather than harried—holiday!


Veggie Pot Pie With Garlic Asiago Crust

Your holiday ham centerpiece may steal the show, but this cheesy veggie pot pie is what your guests will want seconds of. Brazi Bites, a pull-apart Brazilian cheese bread, makes up the pot pie-like topping, while the filling is stuffed with a medley of mushrooms, celery, carrots, and thyme.

Get the recipe from Brazi Bites.


Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Bored of your tried-and-true holiday ham? Try this easy yet scrumptious take on pork tenderloin. This recipe jazzes up the main course by wrapping the juicy cut with salty prosciutto and glazing it with a honey dijon sauce.

Get the recipe from Laughing Spatula.


The Best Homemade Green Bean Casserole

Crafted with crispy green beans, hearty mushrooms, and topped with crunchy onions, this casserole recipe has a chicken broth sauce that's as delicious as its creamy counterpart. The best part? It's ready in about a half hour!

Get the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.


Brown Sugar Bacon Brussels Sprouts

This sweet and savory veggie dish will transform even the toughest Brussels sprout skeptic into a full-blown fan. The cruciferous vegetable is paired with charred bacon bits and sweet brown sugar for a truly memorable side dish that can almost double as dessert…almost!

Get the recipe from Savory Simple.


One Pot Creamy Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Even if you're not watching your carbohydrate intake, this low-carb spin on mac and cheese will steal your dinner guests' hearts. The pure pumpkin puree adds a decadently creamy texture and vibrant orange color to the pasta dish. Count us in!

Get the recipe from I Am a Food Blog.


Mushroom Wellington With Rosemary and Pecans

If you're craving a vegan entree this year, look no further than this hearty mushroom Wellington. The tender veggie is ensconced in a golden, flaky crust and brightened up with fresh rosemary and toasted pecans. We can't wait to dig in!

Get the recipe from Feasting at Home.


Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

Instead of standing over the stovetop and wasting elbow grease on mashing your potatoes into the perfect mess, why not toss them into the Instant Pot and let the machine cut the work for you? That's exactly what Show Me The Yummy does to achieve perfectly creamy mashed potatoes. Oh, and she also adds cream cheese and Parmesan.

Get the recipe from Show Me The Yummy.


Christmas Lasagna Two Ways

It's Christmas Eve, and we can't think of a better way to indulge than with hearty lasagna. Psst: one of the ways sneaks in sweet almond cookies between the flat noodles. Trust us, you're gonna have to try this!

Get the recipe from Eating Bird Food.


Italian Herb and Parmesan Greek Yogurt Biscuits

These buttery biscuits benefit from added protein—and fluffiness—thanks to the addition of Greek yogurt. Flavorful spices found in your traditional Italian seasoning pair perfectly with this pillowy treat.

Get the recipe from The Seasoned Mom.


Paula Deen's Corn Casserole

How about a twist on your usual sweet potato casserole? Try this sweet take on your go-to holiday dish by spiking it with corn. This recipe is ready in a jiffy thanks to its premade base of corn muffin mix, canned corn, cheddar cheese, butter, and sour cream.

Get the recipe from The Cozy Cook.


French Onion Noodle Casserole

We couldn't think of a better idea than to transform our favorite soup into a thick and hearty casserole. This French onion deep dish is brightened up with flavorful egg noodles, caramelized onions, a crispy fried onion topping, and mozzarella cheese, of course!

Get the recipe from The Cozy Cook.


Stuffing and Green Bean Casserole

Nothing pairs better than the classic combo of a luscious casserole and chunky stuffing. This blogger offers a tip to get your stuffing right every time: for a firmer stuffing, remove the lid during the final 10 minutes of cooking to ensure the top remains crispy. Yum!

Get the recipe from The Cozy Cook.


Crispy Roasted Potatoes

If you're not a huge fan of your taters mashed, opt for the roasting route with this crunchy side dish. This blogger imparts four must-try hacks to getting your potatoes as crisp as can be. Spoiler alert: You can't crowd the pan, and you must cut the potatoes into small chunks.

Get the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything.


Corn Stuffing Balls

Rather than recreating your famous Thanksgiving stuffed turkey for Christmas day, opt for serving the stuffing on the side instead. These rounded out chunks come packed with flaky croutons, cream-style corn, and celery, while butter and egg yolks add richness and help keep the spheres intact.

Get the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything.


Simple Sweet Potato Casserole With Crunchy Pecan Crumble

For a photo-worthy casserole that also doubles as dessert, try this simple sweet potato dish. It's adorned with a generous pile of pecans, and the filling is crafted with melted butter, brown sugar, eggs, heavy cream, and vanilla—so you know you'll be going in for thirds!

Get the recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction.


Sweet Potato Gratin

Stick with the sweet potato theme this holiday season and whip up this potato gratin. This winning dish is crafted with eccentric yet complementary flavors such as coconut-lime milk and crunchy wild rice. Want to go the extra mile? Toss in a handful of toasted hazelnuts for added texture and nuttiness.

Get the recipe from Whole Nourishment.


Easy Lemon Chicken Potato Casserole

Scoop out a perfect bite of this casserole, and you'll find layers of tender potatoes and citrusy chicken all melded with a cream-based sauce that you'll crave all year. Not only does it require minimal prep time, but you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen to whip up this recipe in a flash.

Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven.


Scalloped Potatoes

Cheesy? Check. Garlicky? Yup. These scalloped potatoes are so delicious, they'll rival the extravagant protein dish you spent hours perfecting. Up the umami factor by sprinkling in freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven.


Slow Cooker Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

Start your holiday meal with the perfect appetizer that'll warm your hands as well as ward off the winter cold. This slow cooker soup subs your traditional add-ins with vegan ingredients such as vegetable broth and coconut milk for creaminess. Pair this broth with a side of olive-oil-baked bruschetta.

Get the recipe from Live Eat Learn.


Cranberry Honey Glazed Salmon

Add some heart-healthy omega-3s to your Christmas table with this zesty salmon entree. The glaze is crafted with tart cranberries, soy sauce, and bourbon for an unexpectedly delightful twist on your favorite fish.

Get the recipe from Mommy's Home Cooking.


Instant Pot Cream of Chicken Soup

Start your holiday meal with this cream of chicken soup that's cooked up quickly in your Instant Pot. All you have to do is toss the poultry, veggies, liquids, spices, and butter into the machine and let it stew. The soup comes together in just about 30 minutes!

Get the recipe from Paint the Kitchen Red.


Cauliflower Gratin With Garlic and Sage

This cauliflower gratin is cheesy, creamy, and pairs perfectly with whatever you choose for your main dish. The low-carb cruciferous veggie is made indulgent with a rich sage bechamel sauce and a crunchy breadcrumb topping.

Get the recipe from Feasting at Home.


Pasta With Tomato Cream Sauce

Tomatoes, cream, and pasta make for an unbeatable combination—and that's the kind of reliability you need on Christmas Eve. The no-fuss recipe calls for ingredients you already have in your fridge, requires minimal prep time on your part, and is so worthy of an Italian chef kiss.

Get the recipe from Laughing Spatula.


Roasted Parsnip Apple Soup With Toasted Hazelnuts

For a scrumptious side that's as easy as it is impressive, try your hand at this winter veggie soup. It's packed with parsnips, hazelnuts, and apples for a hearty and delicious sip. Plus, it's versatile enough to pair with any protein you choose to whip up.

Get the recipe from Feasting at Home.


Fennel, Celery, and Pomegranate Salad

Scurrying for a light side to pair with all these indulgent dishes? Why not opt for a salad tossed with fennel, celery, and juicy pomegranate? Fennel is linked to aiding digestion and relieving painful gas symptoms, so this salad may be the perfect way to end your meal.

Get the recipe from Inspiralized

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