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The Secret Behind McDonald’s New Sales Surge

The fast food joint hasn't seen its sales boost in the last four years—until now.
The Secret Behind McDonald’s New Sales Surge

McDonald’s recently rolled out some new artisanal offerings and buck-saving deals, and customers are lovin’ it. The world’s most profitable fast food chain announced on Tuesday that it experienced a 4.1 percent same-store growth in the U.S.—a favorable change after the burger joint faced over four consecutive years of declining sales.

Most of the recent generated sales can be chalked up to the chain’s latest value promotions (think: dollar sodas and the McPick 2 specials) and Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches with millennial-focused ingredients like Sriracha and Pico Guacamole. Given the chain lost customers to fast-casuals like Chipotle, Mickey D’s adding semi-customizable beef and chicken sandwiches to the menu was a smart move. It also rolled out mobile ordering and delivery, which helped surge sales.

“We served more customers, more often,” Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook explained during a third-quarter earnings-focused conference call with the New York Post. “The U.S. business regained its stride.”
In fact, McDonald’s has been meeting sales expectations since Easterbrook became CEO in March 2015, revamping the chain’s values and subsequently helping shares climb 65 percent to date.

Tempted to hit up the drive-thru and try the joint’s winning new ‘wiches? Don’t forget to consult our exclusive report, Every Menu Item at McDonald’s—Ranked before you order.

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