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This Is More Beneficial for Weight Loss Than Exercise

Could drinking soda break your heart? Plus: Could walking could be more beneficial than going to the gym?

This Is More Beneficial for Weight Loss Than Exercise
This Is More Beneficial for Weight Loss Than Exercise

Could drinking soda break your heart? Plus: Could walking could be more beneficial than going to the gym?

CNN: Drinking Two Sodas a Day Increase the Risk of Heart Failure

“There's another reason to limit your intake of sugary or artificially sweetened sodas: It might contribute to heart failure. Researchers followed the food habits of 42,000 Swedish men over 12 years and found that men who drank at least two sweetened beverages a day had a 23% higher risk of going into heart failure. The study was published Monday in the British Medical Journal.
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EVENING STANDARD: Walking "more Beneficial" to Keeping Weight Down Than Visiting the Gym

“Taking a brisk walk could be more beneficial than partaking in other physical activities, the London School of Economics and Political Science said. Data on how much exercise people take was analysed from the annual Health Survery for England from 1999 to 2012 by Dr Grace Lordan. Examining a range of exercises including brisk walking, working out at the gym, swimming and running, Dr Lordan looked for evidence of exercise of moderate intensity. Data on body mass index and waist circumferences was also checked and the study found brisk walking had the strongest link with good weight control.” Read full story.

SCIENCE DAILY: Living Alone Can Dent Healthy Diets

“People who live alone are more likely to have unhealthy diets lacking key foods, research has found. The study reported inadequate cooking skills, no partner to go shopping with, the increasing cost of food and a lack of motivation to cook were among the reasons people living alone had different eating practices.” Read full story.

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SCIENCE DAILY: Standing And Exercise Linked To Lower Odds Of Obesity

“While sedentary behavior (such as watching TV and commuting time) has been linked to negative health effects, it is unclear whether more time spent standing has protective health benefits. New research shows that standing for at least one-quarter of the day has been linked to lower odds of obesity.” Read full story.

THE ATLANTIC: What Do Chubby Kids Eat?

"The authors singled out potato chips in particular. 'We found potato chips to be one of the most obesity-promoting foods for youth to consume. Potato chips are very high in energy density (383–574 kcal/100g) and have a low satiety index, yet they are commonly consumed as snacks.' (Potatoes that aren’t cooked in oil, the authors write, are fine.)” Read full story.

HUFFINGTON POST: Study Finds American Diets Are Poor (But Improving!)

“Researchers applied a scoring system to the participants' diets, which takes into account people's intake of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, as well as their consumption of unhealthy foods such as sugar-sweetened beverages and processed meats. The researchers found that the average healthy-eating score increased from 39.9 to 48.2 over the study period. (The highest possible score was 110.) A reduction in trans-fat intake over the course of the study accounted for about half of the improvement in people's dietary scores, the researchers said.” Read full story.

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