Your Day In Health: Starbucks Set to Raise Prices

starbucks storefront

CONSUMERIST: Starbucks Raises Prices For Second Time In Four Months

"Four months after Starbucks surprised customers by accidentally pushing out its annual price increase two weeks early, the company had another shocker for guests: a second price increase for some drinks and food items. Starbucks increased the price for certain cold drinks and bakery items by $0.10 to $0.30 earlier this month, the company confirmed to Consumerist." Read full story.

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MEDICAL DAILY: Can Yogurt Ease Your Anxiety Disorder? Probiotics May Help Fight Stress

"If you are trying to find ways to reduce your anxiety, go with your gut. Researchers from the University of Missouri have suggested that a probiotic, composed of live but beneficial bacteria meant to improve digestive health, can reduce both anxiety and stress-related behavior." Read full story.

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