Your Day in Health: December 7

Woman smelling glass of wine

HEALTHDAY NEWS: Regular Drinkers, Irregular Heartbeat?

"Regularly drinking even small amounts of alcohol may boost the risk of an irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation, a new research review finds. 'The results are significant, since chances are, there are people who are consuming one to two glasses of alcohol per day that may not realize they are putting themselves at risk for irregular heartbeat,' said study lead author Dr. Peter Kistler. 'While moderate amounts of alcohol appear protective for the "plumbing," or blood supply to the heart muscle, the benefits of alcohol do not extend to the electrical parts of the heart, or heartbeat,' he said." Read full story.

ICYMI: 16 Wines for Weight Loss

"It is not well understood what role sleep loss plays in affecting areas of the brain that control the desire to consume unhealthy foods. A new paper published on December 6 in the journal eLife finds that rapid eye movement (REM) sleep loss leads to increased consumption of unhealthy foods, specifically sucrose and fat." Read full story.

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NY TIMES: Carbs During Workouts May Fend Off Colds

"Until recently, many scientists believed that exercise reduces the body’s ability to fight off infections. Past studies had found, for example, that after workouts, especially strenuous ones, people had fewer infection-fighting white blood cells in their bloodstreams than before working out, suggesting that their immune response had been weakened. But a timely new review of studies about exercise and immunity indicates that the interactions between exercise and immunity are far more intricate than scientists once suspected." Read full story.

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