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McDonald’s New Side is Worse Than Eating Three Burgers

This new menu item clocks in at more than 800 calories.
McDonald’s New Side is Worse Than Eating Three Burgers

Over the past few years, it’s been clear that America’s favorite fast food chain is trying to become a more diet-friendly one, too. From a “healthier” soft-serve to offering fresh (not frozen) quarter pound burgers, McDonald’s has certainly upped their game.

We’ve been impressed by the fast-food giant’s steps to up the quality of their ingredients, but a single addition to the menu makes it appear that they have taken a few (or maybe even more than a few) steps back. The devious new dish: The Loaded Bacon & Cheese Basket of Fries.

This new side is hitting stores at select locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, central West Virginia, southeast Ohio and eastern Kentucky. The bacon cheese fries join a wide array of regional and international menu items that McDonald’s is testing, which include a shrimp and beef burger in Korea and spinach and parmesan nuggets in Italy.

The option to get classic French fries topped with the no-good junk costs a whopping $3.99. Sounds pricey for the golden arches, no? That’s because this side dish is made for two. (Ahhhh. One of the most common ways to sneak in a diet demon is to make it multi-portion. Because seriously, since when is a side made for two?)

As for the toll it will take on your daily diet? Just one basket contains 880 calories. That’s the equivalent of eating a double cheeseburger, fries, and four chicken McNuggets. And even if you do split it, those 440 calories nearly add up to the calories you’d take in if you downed two hamburgers. And let us remind you: this is just supposed to be your side. The fries have been compared to Wendy’s Baconator fries, which go for $2 less as an individual serving.

If you must try the new dish, we suggest splitting it family-style to reduce the major calorie overload by eating it with three or four people as opposed to two. And before you hit the drive-through again, make sure you check out our ranking of every item on the McDonald’s Menu.

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