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Your Day in Health: February 5

The $5 footlong at Subway is now $6...
Your Day in Health: February 5

DIGIDAY: Subway Enrages Twitter After It Hikes The Footlong’s Price To $6

“Nothing angers people more than a $1 increase on an already cheap sandwich. Subway is learning this the hard way after the chain announced that it’s rising the price of its footlong from $5 to $6, meaning that it’s ‘five dollar footlong’ earworm of a jingle is history.” Read full story.

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WEB MD: Bit Of Chocolate In Pregnancy May Help Mom, Baby

“Pregnant women who nibble just a small piece of chocolate each day may improve the circulatory health of their unborn child, a new study suggests. The tiny treat may also reduce the risk for preeclampsia, a potentially deadly condition in which a pregnant woman with normal blood pressure suddenly develops dangerously high blood pressure, the researchers said.” Read full story.

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Quartz: When Life Gave Chipotle Lemons, it Put Them Behind the Counter

“No, really. Chipotle is making a variety of efforts to improve food cleanliness and safety after sales-crushing problems with E. coli and norovirus last quarter. Apparently as part of that, the company seems to have moved the lemon slices it once kept out for food and drinks behind the counter.” Read full story.



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