Your Day in Health: April 12

UpRoxx: Get Ready Culinary Trendsetters, Lionfish Are Coming To Whole Foods!

"Apparently it’s really good in ceviche, blackened, or even deep-fried. Diners claim that it tastes like snapper. In fact, only one restaurant in New York City sells it, and according to the chefs, demand is through the roof. So perhaps, with Whole Foods’ decision to start stocking the menace-beast at its seafood counter, along with the fact that the properly-prepared lionfish fillet is apparently delicious, we can start a food trend that actually helps the environment instead of harming it." Read full story.

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NYMAG: We Finally Uncovered the Scientific Truth About the Risks of Double-Dipping

"Researchers at Clemson University tested out three dip combinations to measure the transfer of bacteria before and after double-dipping. Here’s the verdict." Read full story.

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CBS47: Man gets cup from St. Augustine Starbucks that says 'DIABETES HERE I COME' on label

"Some need a pick me-up in the early mornings. Many people head to Starbucks for their dose of caffeine. However, one customer received an unexpected comment on their coffee cup label: 'DIABETES HERE I COME.' That's the message printed on a grande cup of white mocha served to a customer at the Palencia Starbucks." Read full story.

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