Your Day in Health: July 21

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Your Healthy Tip for the Day

PAY WITH CASH! When shoppers use credit cards, they buy more unhealthful “vice” foods than they do “virtue” foods.

CNN: The Science of “Hangry:” Why Some People Get Grumpys When they’re Hungry

"Have you ever snapped angrily at someone when you were hungry? Or has someone snapped angrily at you when they were hungry? If so, you've experienced 'hangry' (an amalgam of hungry and angry) — the phenomenon whereby some people get grumpy and short-tempered when they're overdue for a feed. But where does hanger come from? And why is it that only some people seem to get hangry? The answer lies in some of the processes that happen inside your body when it needs food." Read the full story.

REUTERS: Coffee Drinking May Lower Inflammation, Reduce Diabetes Risk

"Coffee drinkers in a long-term study were about half as likely to develop type 2 diabetes as those who didn't drink coffee, and researchers think an inflammation-lowering effect of the beverage might be the key." Read the full story.

HUFFINGTON POST: Alkaline Water: Beneficial or Bogus?

"Some people claim that a more alkaline diet — including the use of alkaline water — can help your body buffer acidity, which can lead to better health and fitness. A few research reviews even support the claims. However, the jury's still out on drinking alkaline water specifically. And some remain very skeptical. Is it worth buying specialty water to get the alleged benefits? Or is alkaline water just another questionable diet trend up there with juice detoxes and coffee hacking?" Read the full story.

BBC: Poor Sleeping Patterns Linked To Cancer

"Irregular sleeping patterns are "unequivocally" shown to lead to cancer in tests on mice, a study suggests. The report, in Current Biology, lends weight to concerns about the damaging impact of shift work on health." Read the full story.