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Your Day in Health: March 23

The surprising food that can help your fitness routine...
Your Day in Health: March 23

NY TIMES: Chocolate Can Boost Your Workout. Really.

“Adding a little dark chocolate to a training diet may effortlessly improve endurance performance, according to a new study of sports nutrition. The findings provide ammunition both for athletes looking for an edge and those hoping for an excuse to indulge.” Read full story.

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CARE2: This Sugar Can Protect Your Brain

“The American Chemical Society has declared that maple syrup, the real stuff, is a super-protector for your brain. First off, let’s be clear. We aren’t talking about maple flavored syrup. We’re talking about the real deal, tap a tree, boil it down, all-natural, condensed maple sap.” Read full story.

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REUTERS: Sleep-Deprived Teens May Have More Diabetes Risk Factors

“Teens who sleep less than eight hours at night are more likely to have fat around the midsection and to be resistant to insulin, which can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes, according to a new study.” Read full story.

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