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Your Day in Health: Popular Chain Set to Close Many Locations

Is pineapple behind a major American mystery...?
Your Day in Health: Popular Chain Set to Close Many Locations

MUNCHIES: Did JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother Kill Her Over a Piece of Pineapple?

“Last night, the CBS docuseries The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey reached its conclusion, and the public discovered that the seemingly innocuous tropical fruit rests at the center of the 20-year-long murder mystery. While the series encouraged viewers to make up their own minds about the evidence and analysis presented, a piece of partially digested pineapple found in JonBenét’s intestines was a crucial detail in the reopened investigation, which was conducted by a panel of forensic, crime, and psychology experts for the TV special.” Read full story.

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NY TIMES: Orlando’s Latest Theme Park Is A City For Wellness

“Mr. Zboril said that, in an effort to build a place that inspires and helps create good health, Tavistock invited Lake Nona residents — about 11,000 people so far — to consider themselves a “living laboratory” and participate in formal health studies run by on-site institutions over many years. In the shorter term, residents are offered free activities like bike races, tai chi and yoga. Trails in the area will eventually total 44 miles.” Read full story.

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NUTRITION FACT: Food Additives That May Make Our Gut Leaky

“A systematic review of the scientific literature on dietary intake and the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease found that a high intake of fats and meat was associated with an increased risk of Crohn’s disease as well as ulcerative colitis, whereas high fiber and fruit intakes were associated with decreased risk of Crohn’s. These results were supported more recently by the Harvard Nurse’s Health Study. Data revealed that long-term intake of dietary fiber, particularly from fruit, was associated with lower risk of Crohn’s disease.” Read full story.

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DELISH: Kmart Is Closing 64 More Stores — And Putting Everything On Sale

“The closures continue for Kmart stores across the country. USA Today reports that the company is closing 64 stores across 28 states. At these stores, liquidation sales will start on September 22 and the stores will shutter by mid-December. When you add the list of stores previously announced to be shutting down, Kmart is planning to close around 14% of its locations, according to the Wall Street Journal. Now’s the time to stock on all those kitchen gadgets you couldn’t justify before.” Read full story.

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