Your Day in Health: Costco Recall

Boozy seltzer is now a thing...


Your Day in Health: Costco Recall

Boozy seltzer is now a thing...

AD AGE: Spiked Seltzer Could Be the Next Big Booze Trend

"Seltzer is losing its innocence. The bubbly water has emerged as the newest playground for booze marketers that are aiming to lure health-conscious drinkers with spiked versions. The newest brand is White Claw Hard Seltzer by Mark Anthony Brands, which also owns the Mike's Hard line of flavored malt beverages." Read full story.

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NY DAILY NEWS: Sriracha Big Macs Are Now a Thing at West Coast McDonald’s

"This “signature” blend of Big Mac special sauce and Sriracha — the wildly popular Thai chili sauce that’s been added to everything from Blue Diamond almonds to Chobani yogurt over the past couple of years — has created a spicy flavor that apparently 'only McDonald’s can do,' the fast food company brags in a statement." Read full story.

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Health Day: Modern Lifestyle Primary Culprit for Obesity Epidemic

"It looks like the primary culprit behind the obesity epidemic may be the modern-day environment, and not genes, new U.S. research suggests. Americans were more likely to pack on more pounds if they were born later in the 20th century, regardless of whether they had a high genetic risk for obesity, said senior researcher Maria Glymour." Read full story.

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Delish: Ham at Costco and Sam's Club Recalled For Containing Rubber

"When you sit down for dinner and can't chew through a piece of your roast, then you know something's just not right. When one customer who took home a pre-cooked ham from a warehouse club store had this experience recently∏, both Costco and Sam's Club issued an immediate recall." Read full story.

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