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Guinness World Record Set for Longest Pizza

And it had 14 million calories!
Guinness World Record Set for Longest Pizza
Guinness World Record Set for Longest Pizza
And it had 14 million calories!

If a mile-long pizza is something you find yourself dreaming about on the reg, pinch yourself—because it’s now a real thing.

While it might not be the most guilt-free cheat meal in the world, pizza is something we love to indulge in. So when we heard that some folks over in Italy set a new Guinness World Record for the longest pizza, our office went abuzz. We soon realized that we had a lot of questions about the culinary masterpiece—and if we had to guess, you’re probably wondering all the same things we were. So, close your mouth, wipe your drool, and read on to get the scoop on Italy’s impressive concoction.

Q: First of all, how long was this thing? And how much did it weigh?

A: The record-setting pizza was 1.15 delicious miles of cheesy, tomatoey goodness. In case you were wondering, that’s 6,082.2 feet, which is the length of nearly 17 football fields. It weighed a whopping 3,352.24 pounds.

Q: Where’s this pizza hanging out? Can we eat some for dinner?

A: In the land of pizza, of course: Naples, Italy. Onlookers were able to take a slice once the new record was confirmed and the remaining pizza was given to those in need. Since it’s already been devoured, you’ll have to try one of these 12 Flourless Ways To Make Pizza instead.

Q: If someone ate the entire pie, how many calories would that be? How long would it take to work off?

A: We know, we know, nobody could eat an entire mile of pizza solo. But we can dream, can’t we? After crunching the numbers, we estimate that this mile-long pie packs about 14,118,357 calories. You’d have to do more than one hundred million jumping jacks to burn it off. Luckily for your collective waistlines, this masterpiece is for sharing—and on another continent.

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Q: How many masterminds were behind it?

A: Over 100 skilled chefs came together to cook up the creation.

Q: How did they make it?

A: It took about 4,410 pounds of flour, 3,527 pounds of tomatoes, 4,410 pounds of cheese, and 53 gallons of olive oil. Not to mention, 11 hours of prep and took time and five specially-made portable wood-fire ovens.

Q: Has anyone tried to make a giant pizza before?

A: The previous record for the world’s longest pizza was a little over 5,234 feet, which is 84 feet shorter than the new record-holder.

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