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Your Day in Health: April 6

OMG. There's a new McDonald's burger that's three times the size of a Big Mac...
Your Day in Health: April 6

McDonald's Is Unleashing A Gigantic, Double-Decker Big Mac

"Well now the Golden Arches has come up with something even more over-the-top: a double-decker Big Mac that's nearly three times its original size. Yes, you read that right. And yes, McDonald's is probably trying to give you a heart attack." Read full story.

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Daily Mail: A Handful of Walnuts a Day Keeps Heart Disease at Bay

"Research has shown that regularly snacking on the nuts cuts artery-clogging cholesterol. Walnuts may also cut hunger pangs and reduce the odds of metabolic syndrome – a cluster of conditions including obesity and high blood pressure that together greatly increase the risk of heart attack and stroke." Read full story.

VIDEO: The Benefits of Walnuts

The Wichita Eagle: Subway Posting Calories Nationally as Regulation Lags

"Subway is moving ahead and posting calorie counts on menu boards nationally despite another delay in a federal rule requiring the information. The sandwich chain says its new menu boards with calorie counts are already rolling out around the country and should be up in all 27,000 of its U.S. stores by April 11." Read full story.

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