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Your Day in Health: Two Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut

Quaker gets hit with lawsuit for "100% natural" false advertising...
Your Day in Health: Two Drinks That Are Good for Your Gut

NY TIMES: Quaker Oats’ 100% Natural Claim Questioned In Lawsuit

"A lawsuit seeking to be certified as a class action has been filed on behalf of consumers in New York and California against the owner of Quaker Oats after testing found traces of the pesticide glyphosate in some oatmeal. While the level of glyphosate, the active ingredient in the popular weed killer Roundup, detected in the oatmeal falls well below the limit set by federal regulators for human consumption, the lawsuit accuses Quaker of false advertising because it markets the oatmeal as '100% natural.'" Read full story.

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TIME: Wine And Coffee Are Good For Your Gut, Study Shows

"Next time you indulge in a glass of wine after work, you may be helping the diversity of bacteria in your gut. A new study published in Science examined factors that contribute to the diversity of people’s microbial community. After analyzing stool samples of 1,135 Dutch people enrolled in the Lifelines-DEEP study, it found that wine, coffee, tea and yogurt, among other factors, contributed positively to the microbial diversity in the gut." Read full story.

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CNN: How Workouts Give Your Brain A Boost

"Have you ever felt like pounding the pavement or doing a couple of sun salutations seems to instantly melt your worries away? It's not your imagination — but it is your brain." Read full story.

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