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Your Day in Health: October 13

BOGO at Chipotle!
Your Day in Health: October 13
BOGO at Chipotle!

FoodBeast: Chipotle Will Give You A Free Burrito For Playing A Simple Matching Game

“This year, they’re bringing back a similar offer with a Buy One Get One promotion based off of their recent animated short film A Love Story. Players have to match up real Chipotle ingredients with ones that the quick service restaurant deem “imposters.” These included added flavor, or added color. The point is to underline Chipotle’s commitment to fresh ingredients.” Read full story.

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Vox: How Grey Poupon Became Hip-hop’s Favorite Condiment

“Grey Poupon became the condiment of choice for rappers who wanted an easy rhyme that also illustrated the idea of status, luxury, and class. From 1992 to 2016, Grey Poupon references popped up in hip-hop songs nearly every year.” Read full story.

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Delish: Soda May Soon Be Taxed Everywhere In The World

“For years soda has been linked to health detriments like cavities, weight gain, and even cancer. And now the World Health Organization (WHO) is taking action against the sugary drink and others like it, urging governments across the globe to implement a tax on the sweet stuff.” Read full story.

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