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This New Food Delivery Service Is Changing the Game

This meal kit service gives you the ordering power; will it change how you grocery shop forever?
This New Food Delivery Service Is Changing the Game

Meal kits sound pretty great, in theory: you get sent a bunch of food to your house, you get to try out new recipes, and trips to the grocery store become more or less obsolete. The only problem? You’re beholden to cooking up what someone else chose for you to eat for dinner. That’s all about to change.

If the restrictiveness, small, pre-packaged portions, and uncertainty of meal kits has stopped you from trying this trend, allow us to introduce you to eMeals‘ new food delivery capabilities.

Luckily, for those of us who don’t have even an extra minute to spend portioning out our food or trying to master a not-exactly-wanted recipe for coq au vin, this new service is about to turn everything you knew about meal kits on its head; it could even unseat competitors like Blue Apron and HelloFresh.

eMeals, the online meal planning service, has now teamed up with AmazonFresh, Walmart, Kroger, and Instacart to bring customers a customizable meal plan delivered directly to them from their local grocery store. Choosing from 15 different eating styles—including paleo, vegetarian, and diabetic-friendly—customers can plan out a week’s worth of meals, choosing from the more-than-100 new recipes added every single week.

Shoppers also get a weekly grocery list that they can add other grocery store essentials to, whether you need paper towels or toothpaste along with your weekly recipes. Think of all the time you’ll save after eliminating late-night runs to the grocery store for a package of cotton balls because your entirely quinoa-based meal plan doesn’t do personal products.

For those with dietary restrictions or a picky palate, eMeals seems like a great option. The freedom you’ll enjoy when you don’t have to worry about writing “no walnuts on that salad!” on your meal kit order form and praying you have an extra EpiPen close by can be a real life-saver. For those whose main prerogative is saving cash, it’s a pretty sweet deal, too; eMeals is as much as 50 percent cheaper than most prepackaged meal kits. Food you actually like delivered to your house sans takeout fees? Sounds like a win-win. Bon appetit!

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