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25 Delicious Apple Recipes That are Perfect for Fall

Apples boast the powerful antioxidant quercetin, belly-slimming fiber, and vitamins C and B-6.
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If fall recipes are known for two things, those things are pumpkin and apples. The onslaught of apple-themed baked goods (and trips to apple orchards for apple picking) just signify the change of the seasons.

And if flooding your body with all this apple goodness wasn't enough, they're a serious weight-loss weapon, too. One Penn State University study found that snacking on an apple pre-meal can reduce overall calorie consumption by 15%! Time to grab a basket and get to the orchard. Read on for healthy apple recipes that'll keep you slim, trim, and satisfied this fall.

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Apple Crumble

Apple crumble
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Not only do the oats and almonds give this dish a shot of fiber, healthy fat, and antioxidants you wouldn't find in a standard flour-based crumble, but the crunchy texture of the topping also makes for a more rewarding contrast to the soft cooked apples.

Get our recipe for an Apple Crumble.

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Apple-Sausage Stuffing

Healthy apple-sausage stuffing
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

In our recipe, we turn to the complex combination of sausage, tart apples, and fresh sage, which effortlessly converts a normal stuffing into something extraordinary. Alternatively, this recipe works equally well with garlic-rosemary roast beef, bourbon-glazed ham, or a roast chicken or giant Thanksgiving turkey.

Get our recipe for Apple-Sausage Stuffing.

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Oatmeal Pancakes with Cinnamon Apples

Oatmeal pancakes with cinnamon apples
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Oats and wheat flour give these pancakes a fiber and protein boost, helping stabilize your blood sugar levels as your body absorbs the rush of carbs that comes with a stack of flapjacks.

Get our recipe for Oatmeal Pancakes with Cinnamon Apples.


Apple and Bacon Infused Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Healthy grilled cheese with apples and bacon
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

The curious combination of sweet apples, crispy smoked bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese in this sandwich recipe isn't just delicious. It also contains less than half the calories of most of the other grilled cheese sandwiches out there.

Get our recipe for Apple and Bacon Infused Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


Apple-Cranberry Crisp

apple cranberry crisp in while bowls with spoons and red gingham napkin on wooden background
Jason Donnelly

Who wouldn't want more home-cooked desserts in their lives? We think this apple-cranberry crisp recipe fits the bill for one of the easiest healthy apple recipes you'll love.

Get our recipe for Apple-Cranberry Crisp.


Apple Pie

Low-calorie apple pie with crunch topping
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Here, we replace the second crust with a crunchy topping made of oats, chopped almonds, and brown sugar, providing a perfect textural counterpoint to the soft, baked apples while actually bolstering the overall nutrition of the dessert. Now you can have your low calories and eat your pie, too!

Get our recipe for Apple Pie.


Warm Sautéed Apples with Caramel Drizzle

whole 30 sauteed apples in decorative bowl
Posie Brien/Eat This, Not That!

This warm, sweet, and spiced Whole30 apple dessert is so simple and light, it deserves a spot in your everyday rotation. You're basically cooking apples with cinnamon, then drizzling them with some velvety, syrupy sweet sauce. We like to think of it as a deconstructed apple pie.

Get our recipe for Warm Sautéed Apples with Caramel Drizzle.


Teriyaki Pork Chops with Sautéed Apples

Paleo teriyaki pork chop with apple
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

These teriyaki pork chops are easy enough to throw together on any given busy Tuesday night, but they're seemingly fancy enough to serve to dinner guests on a special Saturday.

Get our recipe for Teriyaki Pork Chops with Sautéed Apples.


Apple Turnovers

Low-calorie crispy apple turnover
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

To ditch the classic apple pie over caloric concerns would be downright unpatriotic, so instead we solved apple pie's biggest nutritional setback—serving size—by wrapping up neat little packets of sweetened, spiced apple chunks in flaky puff pastry.

Get our recipe for Apple Turnovers.


Maple-Cashew-Apple Toast

Maple cashew apple toast
Jason Donnelly

How delicious does this maple-cashew-apple toast recipe look? If you have a sweet tooth that just won't quit, this may just be the sweet, yet healthy, alternative to a sugar-filled breakfast. Forget about French toast. This healthier toast recipe gets its sweet flavor from all-natural sources, namely maple syrup and apples.

Get our recipe for Maple-Cashew-Apple Toast.


Spinach Salad Topped With Goat Cheese, Apples, and a Warm Bacon Dressing

Healthy spinach & goat cheese salad with apples & warm bacon dressing
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

A great salad should be many things: sweet and salty, crunchy and tender. In short: a full exploration of taste and texture, but not at the cost of a whole meal's worth of calories. With the addition of caramelized apples, toasted pecans, and creamy goat cheese, this retro spinach salad finally achieves perfect harmony in the 21st century with nearly half of the caloric intake.

Get our recipe for Spinach Salad Topped With Goat Cheese, Apples, and a Warm Bacon Dressing.


Brie, Apple, Candied Walnuts, and Maple Syrup Toast

apple brie walnut maple syrup toast on marble counter
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

Apples and cheese are a classic pairing, and this toast is the best of both worlds. We added a little syrup and candied walnuts to make the flavors really sing.

Get our recipe for Brie, Apple, Candied Walnuts, and Maple Syrup Toast.


Apple Balsamic Flatbread

apple balsamic flatbread pizza with trader joes dough
Kiersten Hickman/Eat This, Not That!

Topped with, you guessed it, cheese and apples, this flatbread is the perfect alternative to boring old pizza.

Get our recipe for an Apple Balsamic Flatbread.


Butternut Squash Soup

Healthy butternut squash soup
Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Butternut squash soup is another classic fall food, but you might be surprised to find it on a list of apple recipes. Our secret is including a peeled and chopped green apple in the recipe to make the squash sing.

Get our recipe for Butternut Squash Soup.


Gluten-Free Mini Cinnamon Apple Loaves

cinnamon apple loaves
Courtesy of Sarah Bakes G-Free

Nothing smells quite as good as freshly baked bread—until you catch a whiff of these cinnamon-apple loaves fresh from the oven. They're gluten-free, their secret ingredients include unsweetened coconut or almond milk and applesauce. Try spreading your favorite nut butter on top for a more filling snack.

Get the recipe from Sarah Bakes GFree.


Red Quinoa With Coconut-Roasted Apples

Courtesy of The Healthy Apple

This recipe packs a volley of slimming punches. Weight-loss-friendly quinoa is the base for a healthy medley of apples, purple cabbage, and pumpkin seeds, which contain magnesium, iron, and beneficial fats.

Get the recipe from The Healthy Apple.


Cinnamon Harvest Apple Cider Ice Cream

Courtesy of Making It Milk Free

Saturated fat. Excess sugar. Artificial colors. Just a few delightful phrases that come to mind when you think of ice cream. But with this slimmed-down vegan and gluten-free rendition, you can indulge without guilt. Almond-milk creamer, apples, cider, and coconut oil combine for a DIY dessert worthy of any dinner party.

Get the recipe from Making It Milk Free.


Healthy Pear and Apple Crisp with Quinoa

Courtesy of Simply Quinoa

Gluten-free oats, quinoa, nutritious coconut oil, and maple syrup get a dusting of cinnamon and are swirled with bubbly, roasted apples. Feeling extra decadent? Top it with a scoop of one of these best ice creams for weight loss.

Get the recipe from Simply Quinoa.


Portobello Stuffed Apple Arugula Salad

Courtesy of The Healthy Apple

This delectable salad is gluten-, dairy- and soy-free. If that doesn't make you feel upstanding enough, note that it uses light, natural vinaigrette with no icky additives. Avocado lends the salad a dose of slimming fats and a rich texture (two reasons why avocado is a perfect weight loss food), while the mushroom caps eliminate the need for utensils.

Get the recipe from The Healthy Apple.


Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Quinoa

Courtesy of Simply Quinoa

Why relegate quinoa to lunch or dinner when it can take center stage in a slimming, satisfying breakfast bowl? This simple recipe melds apples, quinoa, honey, and cinnamon for a sweet AM treat.

Get the recipe from Simply Quinoa.


Easy As Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl

Courtesy of A Whisk and Two Wands

Apples, anti-inflammatory chia seeds, oats, and plant-based protein powder create a tasty, nutrient-dense breakfast worthy of any AM rotation. To bulk it up, add a tablespoon or two of nut butter for a thicker texture and an extra boost of protein.

Get the recipe from A Whisk and Two Wands.


Apple Pumpkin Yogurt Parfait

Courtesy of The Healthy Apple

They had us at "apple pumpkin." This combo is as tasty as it is nutritious: low in calories and packed with vitamins and minerals. The vegan, gluten-free recipe works well for breakfast or dessert; it satiates sweet tooths while still clocking in at fewer than eight grams of sugar per serving. Check out more amazing ways to eat pumpkin this fall here.

Get the recipe from The Healthy Apple.


Apple Muffins

apple muffins in baking tin
Courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

Apple muffins are the most delicious way to start your day! This recipe uses simple ingredients you probably have on hand, and it's way better than a boxed muffin mix.

Get the recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything.


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies on a plate
Courtesy of Cooking Classy

Move over, oatmeal raisin. These apple oatmeal cookies are the new sheriff in town.

Get the recipe from Cooking Classy.


Apple Cider

apple cider recipe with whole apples and lemon in instant pot

Yes, you can buy a jug of apple cider at the grocery store. But making a homemade version is super satisfying and a great way to welcome the fall season.

Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

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