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Wait, What? Study Shows Eating a Big Breakfast Can Lead to Weight Loss

Brand new research suggests starting your day with a big meal has surprising rewards.

Eating more food can help you lose weight… surely, we're kidding, right? Well, a new study actually suggests that those who eat a bigger meal in the morning burn more than twice as many calories compared to those who have their biggest meal for dinner.

What to eat for breakfast—or even just having breakfast—has been called into question in recent years. If you're wondering if cutting out your morning meal completely, consider a new study from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

The study looked at 16 men who ate a low-calorie breakfast and a high-calorie dinner, then did the reverse, over the course of three days. The findings were fairly shocking. Research showed a low-calorie breakfast is more likely to cause snacking throughout the day.

Not only do those who eat a smaller breakfast tend to snack more, but they also eat more at dinner. A big breakfast leads to fewer hunger pangs and less cravings for sweets on the daily.

Measuring subjects food metabolism food through diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT), revealed that, on average, their DIT was two and a half times higher after breakfast, compared to dinner. That's right, the participants' metabolisms were far more active after their morning breakfast, which of course leads to burning calories.

The study also revealed that the men's blood sugar and insulin levels were lower and that they experienced fewer cravings for sweets with a big breakfast, rather than a big dinner. The results confirm that a big dinner has negative effects on glucose tolerance, for those who are looking to avoid blood glucose peaks. The study states "An extensive breakfast should, therefore, be preferred over large dinner meals to reduce the risk of metabolic diseases."

So, you may want to consider a larger meal at breakfast, not only to power yourself up in the morning, but for weight loss, to even out your glucose levels, and to power up your metabolism early in the day.