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Healthy Snacks We Love: 34 Degrees Crisps

Whether you pile on the toppings or enjoy them plain, you're sure to love these perfectly airy crisps.
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What: 34 Degrees Whole Grain Crisps

How It Tastes: Light, airy and nutty, they're exactly what crisps should be: complementary vehicles for souped up toppings. A touch of cheesiness makes them savory enough to eat on their own in the case of a snack craving, but light enough to let your topping creations shine.

Eat This! Because: They make it easy to build yourself a healthy snack, without overloading on calories. The average cracker packs well over 100 carb-based calories per serving, leaving only a fraction of your snack calories left for toppings. At a mere 25 calories, you can pile four or five of these high with healthy toppings for a well-rounded snack that will keep you full for hours.

Best Way to Eat It: Create satiating combinations that deliver all three main nutrients you need for a balanced snack: protein, carbs and healthy fats. Everything from turkey deli meat with small slices of avocado to an easy swipe of almond butter fits the bill. Get creative! You can even create mini Elvis-style sandwiches using the crisps as your base. The combinations are endless. To get even more out of your savory combinations, add a shake of red chili flakes to boost your metabolism.

Secret Ingredient: A dedication to keeping it simple; just four easy-to-pronounce ingredients go into these wafers. The other flavors in their line use the perfect hint of spice to create a uniquely aromatic crisp that doesn't overwhelm your palate. We're big fans of the rosemary crisps.

Nutrition: 9 crisps: 50 calories, 0 g fat (0 g sat fat), 180 mg sodium, 10 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 0 g sugar, 2 g protein

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Images: Courtesy of 34 Degrees